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Gottlieb Theodor von Kempf (1871 Vienna-1964 Achrain)

Gottlieb Theodor von Kempf is known as a painter and illustrator.  From 1888 to 1896 he studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts under Julius Victor Berger, Leopold Karl Müller, Josef Matthias von Trenkwald and August Eisenmenger, making numerous study trips to Rome and Paris.  He is best known for his illustrations for the Meggendorfer Blatter and Gerlach’s Allegorien portfolio.  He exhibited at the Vienna Künstlerhaus , in the Vienna Secession and in Munich and Dresden. For his artistic work Kempf was awarded the Great Golden Medal of Honour of the Vienna Künstlerhaus , the Master Award of the City of Vienna, the forest Müller Award and the National Award . Kempf died in 1964 in Achrain bei Kitzbühel in Tyrol.

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