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Etching, Oskar Graf, Vienna Secession, Art Nouveau, Koloman Moser, Kolo, Jugendstil, Graphic Design, Austrian, Gustav Klimt

Oskar Graf original etching


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Product Description

Oskar Graf (1873-1958) was a German art nouveau painter and printmaker who worked in Munich. This is an etching with aquatint and drypoint of a town scene. His monogram appears on the left side of the plate. In the plate is the inscription: ” Original Radierung Von Oskar Grafe. Druck & VErlag der Geseijschaft F. Verviele Kunst in Wein”

Condition: Some minor foxing on the margins of the paper.

Size- plate: 5″ x 5.75″ paper: 12.25″x 10.25″



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