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Mila Von Luttich (Vienna, Feb. 17, 1872- Oct. 4, 1929) was Austrian painter and illustrator.  She was the daughter of the painter Eduard Luttich with whom she both studied and collaborated. From 1902- 1914, she illustrated for  Meggendorfer Blätter- a satirical magazine published out of Munich. Along with Gottlieb theodore Von Kempf, their work shows a strong influence of Secession/ Jugendstil style- using decorative borders, negative space, and Secession-style typography. In 1911, she participated in the exhibition ‘Kunstausstellung in Klosterneuburg’ and was an active member of the Klosteneuberg association of artists. After her years with Meggendorfer, she went on to illustrate many children’s books, though her work form this period lacks both the imagination and Art nouveau style of her work for Meggendorfer Blätter. In spite of being one of the most unique and talented female illustrators in Germany at the time, she has for the most part slipped into obscurity and little is known about her life.

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